Winter earmuffs Men's earmuffs thickened earmuffs winter warm earmuffs outdoor sports ear warmers winter plush ear warmers
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  • Item Description
  • Buyer Protection
  • Applicable gender
    : Male
  • Applicable age group
    : Adulthood
  • Material
    : Plush
  • Styles
    : Rear-worn
  • Pattern
    : Monochrome
  • Suitable season
    : Autumn, Winter
  • Size
    : Rear-worn
  • Function
    : Warmth
  • Style
    : Hundreds of casual outdoor
  • Applicable scenarios
    : Outdoor cycling sports

Product Name:Men's large thickened earmuffs
This men's earmuffs with plush fabric, comfortable to wear, a variety of styles to choose from, please feel free to buy!

Basic: diameter of about 10cm, weight of about 0.024KG (manual measurement, there is error)

Extra thick section: diameter of about 14cm, weight about 0.058KG (manual measurement, there is error)

01. Gray suede sound amplification hole version
02.Black suede net version
03.Black suede basic version of children's trumpet

Detail Show

01. The sound amplification hole is semi-permeable design
02.Side display
03.Cut out the inner display

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