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Shopping Guides
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1. Free Join kangaroo mall members

a) Enter the registration page and fill in the registration information.
b) Receive email and verify by email.
c) Registration succeeded.

2. Select product

The product is composed of words and pictures. Through detailed description and clear pictures, we can choose the products suitable for ourselves.
a) You can select your own suitable products by product classification.
b) You can search by keywords to select your own suitable products.

3. Add to cart

After selecting your own suitable product, you can immediately return the purchase or join the shopping cart to purchase in batches.

4. Submit order

In the immediate return purchase or shopping cart page, directly submit to generate the corresponding order.

5. Order settlement

On the order settlement page, perform settlement payment for the generated order.

6. Kangaroo mall delivery

After you Sign in to kangaroo mall, click "my orders" to enter the order information page. At this time, you can query your product order and view the execution of the order. After the order is executed, you can also comment on the product.
a) View order information, including the following different orders: unpaid orders, paid orders, shipped orders, returned orders, closed orders and completed orders.
b) The list information of the order includes: order number, order date, product quantity, order amount and current status.

7. Sign for products

The transaction is successful after the goods have been delivered through the "waybill number".

8. Evaluation products

You can Sign in to kangaroo mall and click "my orders" to enter the order information page to comment on the products successfully traded.

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